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Our Skype Chat Room is available 24/7 and it’s the go-to-place to ask questions on virtual business, and also a safe and supportive place when life is tough outside work.

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We meet up daily in our Skype Room but we also have our meet up ‘Odysseys’. Just because you work on your own, you shouldn’t have to miss out on a social life or an office party!


We keep each other up-to-speed with the latest updates and security alerts, and explore business/tech topics in our ‘Lunch & Learn’ CPD and business tips sessions.

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what members say

Sometimes, working from home, I feel isolated and suffer from ‘imposter’ syndrome. I honestly don’t know how I would have kept going, particularly over the ‘famine’ times that I’ve experienced in the last twelve months, without being able to talk it through with the others in the Chat Room.

The VA Hub is a great place to pickup some good tips about keeping your data secure and generally swapping great information – and they are a very friendly lot too.

I have found the North West VA Hub to be incredibly supportive. The Skype group is a real help both for top tips and for company when you are working alone in your office. Their Zoom sessions are always helpful and informative and I look forward to the meet ups throughout the year.

Our Skype Chat Room

The Hub’s Skype room is open whenever you’re working.  Make shout-outs for programs that will do a certain task and ask  questions to help you get unstuck with business and software issues.  The Group shares their business expertise freely, as well as information about software and the apps and websites we use.  You can access these in a recommended list of tried and tested tools. We also raise alarms about hacks and scams.

No question is too simple, dim or scatterbrained. We’ve all been there or felt stuck and we’re a supportive lot. Also we laugh a lot too – it’s not all about work in the Chat Room!

When it comes to business dilemmas such as late payment, how to handle difficult clients and other issues, we offer suggestions and examples of how we have dealt with similar situations. It’s just like having a friend that you can ask for advice over a cup of coffee – except it’s virtual and you don’t have to leave your office. We have some of the most experienced, industry award winning and active virtual assistants and virtual PAs in the UK based right here in the North West of England – and happily, they’re in The NWVA Hub!

Business Benefits

Like the majority of solo business bosses, we have many things to do in the background to keep our businesses viable on a day-to-day basis and move forward too. Things like being compliant, doing CPD and planning for unforeseen eventualities. This is over and above client work. In other words, the same circumstances that our clients find themselves in!

We share updates about the documentation you will need: client agreements, T&Cs, confidentiality agreements and so forth. Regular topics of conversation are insurance, data protection, accounting practice and more lately, the huge topic of GDPR, which we’ll be looking at closely in one of our ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions.

Sometimes you may have too much work, or you’re asked for a service that you don’t offer. Worse still, you could be laid up and unable to work. This is where the Hub can be a real benefit to your business. Through the Hub we get to know each other’s skills, specialisms and the type of clients we work with. In emergency, we all chip in to help if we can. Being part of our Group is an ideal way to identify the right Associate. Plus, we share job offers and enquiries from prospective clients.